Revolution Club in Philly- Protests DNC @ 6:30 pm for Offering “Criminal Choices of a Criminal System”

Media Advisory
contact: Revolution Club Media 646 450 4701
25 July 2016

Revolution Club Protests DNC for Offering “Criminal Choices of a Criminal System”

What:   Revolution Club speaking
When:  Monday July 25 6:30 pm (scheduled)
Where: Zone 2 FDR Park, Philadelphia

The Revolution Club, whose members burned a flag outside the Republican Convention last week, and were illegally held more than 24 hours by police after ward, are in Philadelphia to carry their indictment of the current system to the Democrats.  They continue the theme of their RNC protests “America Was NEVER Great – We Need to Overthrow This System”

They will be on stage tonight at a rally at FDR Park, Zone 2.

Wednesday they will sponsor a 1:00 pm rally south of the 2nd Bank, Chestnut between 4th & 5th Streets, Philadelphia.

More on the Revolution Club

Monday July 25, Philadelphia

Noon July 22 Update: ALL Are Now Released!

Breaking News, 8 pm, Thursday, July 21:

Joey Johnson, Other Revcoms and Defendants Released! Two Remain in Jail

July 21, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

Johnson and other revcoms released
Joey Johnson, Revolution Club members, and other flag-burning defendants, just released from jail, rallied in front of the Justice Center, with supporters and Revcoms, who had marched from Public Square chanting “burn that flag!” (Photo: @SunsaraTaylor)

Wednesday morning press conference about flag-burning action

Thursday morning press conference denouncing the arrests and calling for the release of Joey Johnson and others. Photo: Special to


Earlier a member of the legal defense team for Gregory “Joey” Johnson, Revolution Club members, and others arrested at yesterday’s flag-burning protest told

“As far as we know, a total of 17 people were illegally and illegitimately arrested yesterday at the flag burning protest. Outrageously, all they were held overnight and all but one are still in custody. This morning one person was charged with a misdemeanor and released. Finally, about 5:30pm, today after further delays, 14 others, including Joey Johnson, were arraigned on misdemeanor charges and have now been released. Two others are allegedly being held on felony charges, and they still have not been arraigned because the judge claimed there was a ‘snafu’ and the court didn’t have ‘the paperwork’ on them. Defense attorneys and supporters are arguing that the court needs to get its paperwork together and these two need to be released tonight.”

The ACLU, National Lawyers Guild (NLG), and the NAACP have all condemned holding these defendants overnight as illegal preventive detention aimed at keeping them off the streets on this, the last day of the RNC. “There is no reason these people should be held for so long on minor charges,” the ACLU stated. “They are making sure they are not back on the street protesting.” The NLG said the defendants have been “illegally held in jail.”

Carl Dix speaking in Public Square, Cleveland
Carl Dix speaking in Public Square, Cleveland. Photo: Special to

Earlier Carl Dix – @Carl_Dix tweeted:

5:43: Last night of RNCinCLE Flagburners deliberately being held to keep them off streets. AmericaWasNeverGreat yes it is a police state
5:45: So far 8 revcoms flagburners being released w/o bail. Cheers in courtroom for them from supporters.

6:20 pm: Taking Revolution to the Streets of Cleveland

As this court battle was taking place, other revolutionaries and Revolution Club members were in the streets of Cleveland, organizing people for an actual revolution:

News Flash, 5 pm Thursday, July 21:

Gregory “Joey” Johnson, Revolution Club members, and others still being illegally held!

Flag-burning at RNC
Joey Johnson burns an American flag at the Republican convention. (Photo: Special to

Joey Johnson being arrested
Joey Johnson after the flag was burned outside the Republican Convention (AP photo)


Gregory “Joey” Johnson, Revolution Club members, and others arrested at yesterday’s flag-burning protest were scheduled to appear today at 4pm for a special docket at the Justice Center in Cleveland. However, when attorneys, revolutionaries, activists and other supporters of the defendants arrived in court, they were told that there were no papers for the defendants who’ve been held since yesterday afternoon. The defense lawyers are outraged, saying the defendants should not have been arrested and in jail in the first place. At this writing, the attorneys are going to the prosecutors and the judge to protest this further outrage.

Earlier today Sunsara Taylor @sunsarataylor tweeted:

“Protesters are still being held. Its definitely preventative detention keeping them off the streets 4 protest today”

“Lawyers 4 flag burner protesters r fighting for immediate release of 17 arrestees. Its preventative detention. They belong @ protest today.”

For updates see @Carl_Dix twitter feed

The following press release was issued before the scheduled court appearance:

Flag Burning Protesters on 4pm Special Docket at Justice Center


Press Conference and update from Statement from Revolutionary Communists

Flag Burning Protesters on 4:00 pm Special Docket at Justice Center
1200 Ontario Street, use Lakeside entrance

4:30 pm Press conference at Lakeside entrance


“What is the proper way to display the American flag? On fire!” says, Sunsara Taylor, supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party. “I salute Joey Johnson and the 17 other members of the Revolution Club and others who burned the US imperialist rag. We demand their immediate release and DROP THE CHARGES.”

* The U.S. flag is drenched in blood and deserves to burn.

* The police LIED. Joey Johnson never set himself or anyone else on fire. This police lie was used to justify illegitimate attack and suppression of constitutionally protected speech.

* The RNC is not “politics as usual” it is a lynch-mob being whipped up that concentrates all the worst of America – white supremacy, imperialist plunder, boastful ignorance, and frat-boy thuggery – to an unprecedented level.

* People need to stand up in the streets against this whole direction, refusing to be intimidated or cowed by illegitimate police state repression.

* The Revolutionary Communist Party is organizing now to overthrow this system at the soonest possible time.

Press contact: 646 450 4701

Contact for interviews with Gregory “Joey” Johnson; Sunsara Taylor; Carl Dix

Debra Sweet 718 809 3803

Joey Johnson, Notorious Flag Burner and Revolutionary Communist to Display Flag the ONLY Way It Should Be: On Fire. His Message: “America Was NEVER Great!”

Media Advisory
20 July 2016

contact: 646 450 4701

Joey Johnson, Notorious Flag Burner and Revolutionary Communist to Display Flag the ONLY Way It Should Be: On Fire.
His Message: “America Was NEVER Great!”

What: March & Burning of U.S. Rag (American flag)
When: Wednesday July 20 4:00 pm **change from 3 pm
Where: East 4th & Prospect Avenues Cleveland OH ** change from Perk Plaza

“We will burn the blood-soaked imperialist rag.”

To properly honor the ascension of an outright fascist to the presidential candidacy, the notorious flag burner and revolutionary communist Joey Johnson will demonstrate the correct way to treat the American flag.

While Johnson will be doing this under the slogan that “America Was Never Great — We Need To Overthrow This System’, he invites any and all who find themselves sickened by what this country does here and all around the world, and who find the fascistic chauvinism of Trump (as well as the candidacy of war criminal and youth incarcerator Hillary Clinton) to be outrageous, to join him at East 4th & Prospect at 4:00 pm Wednesday.

Johnson’s conviction for burning a flag at the Republican Convention of 1984 was overturned after a major political battle which went to the Supreme Court, resulting in the Texas v. Johnson decision in 1989 that burning the flag is not illegal. Interview with Joey Johnson

The Revolution Club rallied people Tuesday at Public Square and marched to protest murder by police. Monday they presented a “peoples’ arrest warrant” for Rudolph Giuliani.

More on the Revolution Club
video 7/19/16

— 30 —

A Call from Carl Dix and Cornel West –Tuesday, July 19: Protesting Murder by Police is Righteous and Very Necessary!

Tuesday, July 19 at 4 pm

Public Square, Ontario & Euclid

RNC call
Join Us In Cleveland Tuesday, July 19 To Say:


People shout slogans against police as they take part in a protest against the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile during a march in New York
People shout slogans against police as they take part in a protest against the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile during a march in New York July 7, 2016. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Again America has forced us to watch Black men being murdered by its police. On top of those horrors, this time we were forced to watch a Black woman who had to remain calm while bravely recording a cop murder her boyfriend, threaten her life, and arrest her. AND then, we had to listen to her 4 year old try to comfort her in the midst of these unspeakable horrors. These horrors underscore the reality of a people – Black people – who are forced to live their lives in fear of being shot to death by law enforcement for nothing other than the color of their skin. And it concentrates the history of centuries of savage oppression this country has subjected Black people to. It is outrageous, illegitimate and unacceptable, and it must be stopped!

People who protested the atrocities in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, and those who took to the streets all across the country in solidarity, were acting righteously. And it was beautiful when these protests continued in the face of mighty efforts by the authorities to suffocate them by using the events in Dallas to try to change the subject from police getting away with murder to expressing sympathy for police officers, and even by trying to blame the protests for what happened in Dallas.


These protests need to not only continue – they must be intensified. Police murdering Black and Brown people again and again and being exonerated by the system when their murderous deeds are brought into the light of day amounts to a message that there is a target on the backs of Black and brown people. It brings to mind the way lynch mobs used to leave their murdered victims hanging in public places as a message to all Black people to stay in their place. Messages like these can’t be allowed to continue to be delivered.

To let our sisters and brothers who are taking to the streets know that we have their backs, that we support them and that we love them, we will gather in Cleveland during the RepublicanNational Convention where Donald Trump, the standard bearer for a growing fascist movement, will be nominated for president to say:




Endorsed by: Gabriel Black Elk, brother of Paul Castaway, murdered by Denver police, July 12, 2015; Willie Ferrell, brother of Jonathan Ferrell, murdered by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, September 14, 2013; Yohana Flores, daughter of Ernesto Flores, murdered by San Bernardino sheriffs, April15, 2015; Ruben Gonzalez Morejon, brother of Hector Morejon, murdered by Long Beach, CA police, April 23, 2015; Kevin Kellom, father of Terrance Kellom, murdered by ICE agent in Detroit, MI, April 27, 2015; Nate Hamilton, brother of Dontre Hamilton, murdered by Milwaukee police, April 30, 2014; Alice Howell, grandmother of Justus Howell, murdered by Zion IL police, April 4, 2015; Mertilla Jones, grandmother of Aiyana Stanley Jones, murdered by Detroit police, May 16, 2010; Tawanda Jones, sister of Tyrone West, murdered by Baltimore police, July, 2013; Alicia Kirkman, mother of Angelo Miller, murdered by Cleveland police, March 24, 2007; Yolanda McNair, mother of Adaisha Miller, shot to death by a Detroit cop, July 2012; Jessica Care Moore, poet and musician, Detroit, MI; Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, Greenville, SC; Anternitia O’Neal, mother of Dontez O’Neal, murdered by Cincinnati police, November 21, 2012; Chris Silva, brother of David Silva, beaten to death by Kern Co. Sheriffs & California Highway Patrol in Bakersfield, CA, May 6, 2013; Donna Wicks, mother of Kevin Wicks, murdered by Inglewood, CA police, July 21, 2008  Puncture the Silence-Stop Mass Incarceration, Cleveland OH

Please indicate in the comments section if you are a family member whose loved one has been killed by police.


Let us know your organization and if it is for identification purposes only. We welcome organization endorsements if possible, but understand with the short time-frame that may not be possible.

Reach the organizers:;  929-249-7996

Revolution Club’s RNC message…

Revolution Club’s RNC message

America Was NEVER Great!
We Need to Overthrow This System!

The Revolution Club announced today that it is in Cleveland, “where Donald Trump, cheered on by his mob of racist baboons, fascist jackasses, and shit-eating Republican hacks, will strut around and whip up the backward and the confused against immigrants, Black people, women, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn’t fit his perverted vision of ‘American greatness.'”

And further that “any system that would put this braying jackass forward as a ‘legitimate candidate’ is itself completely illegitimateand accepting the system’s ‘lesser of two evils’ option will only lead to greater evil.

The Revolution Club said that while in Cleveland, it will be “raising a banner of real liberation from this madness, and projecting the leader—Bob Avakian—who’s shown the way out. We will be projecting the only REAL alternative to the madness and the only REAL way out of it: OVERTHROW, DON’T VOTE FOR, THIS SYSTEM!”

The Club will announce a list of scheduled activities Monday.

Revolution Club marching; Cleveland OH Friday July 15, 2016

America Was NEVER Great


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