Hurricane Katrina & Emmett Till Anniversary Issue from

Available now at Revolution Books!

10 Years Since Katrina and 60 Years Since Emmett Till

401p10-11-440-enPick up copies and bundles to distribute! at Revolution Books (Wednesday – Saturday, Noon – 6 pm) or call us at 216.932.2543 and/or read online at

Get This Issue Out on Campuses!

Friday, August 28–Mass distribution of this special issue! 3 pm Meet at the Marathon Station, E. 55th & Woodland

Tuesday, September 1:  6 pm at Revolution Books, join us for a discussion of this special issue

Two important anniversaries of major crimes by the system are coming up in the last weeks of August:

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans — and the people in the poorest sections of the city, mainly Black, were not only abandoned and given zero help from the government, they were treated like criminals. More than 1,000 people died in the hurricane and its wake, and hundreds of thousands suffered greatly.

In August 1955, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old Black youth from Chicago visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi, was kidnapped by white racists because he had whistled at a white woman. A few days later, Emmett Till’s body was found in a river. He had been lynched-beaten and shot to death.

The print and online issue of Revolution is out now! This special issue focuses on these two horrendous crimes. The basic themes of the special issue will be: How long will these crimes go on? There IS a way out! REVOLUTION–NOTHING LESS!

Tuesday, Sept 1 at 6 pm: Join us at Revolution Books to discuss the special issue of Revolution, and make big plans to get it out to events marking the murder of Emmett Till and Katrina, in the communities, to churches, Straight Outta Compton movie lines, and more.


FRIDAY, August 28 — Mass distribution of this special issue! Meet up at 3 pm at the Marathon Station at E. 55th & Woodland

DONATE so that we can do a big printing of this issue and so that teams of volunteers can go to key places to get this issue out. Make your donation at and call on others to donate.

Start organizing people to get this issue out. Contact people to let them know about this issue, get commitments from people about going out with a team, ask people to take time off from work if they can, and strategize about what are the key places and events to get to with the special issue. If you’re not near a Revolution Books store or a Revolution distributor, contact RCP Publications to get issues of the paper.


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