Sat, Oct 31: Cleveland Report Back from #RiseUpOctober NYC!

This Saturday, October 31 at 3 pm

Report Back from #RiseUpOctober NYC!

And to Organize the Struggle to STOP Police Terror

With Stolen Lives Family Members and others
at Cleveland State University
in the Black Studies Program Conference Room # 137
Enter at E. 22nd and Chester
free metered parking

facebook event

Tweet1-2All those who went to NYC, who wanted to go to NYC, who helped others go to NYC, all who want to see an end to police terror, are invited. Come to the meeting and bring your friends. We will hear reports from the march and the strategizing meeting in NYC a few Clevelanders were able to attend on Sunday, and begin plans for the November 22 anniversary of Tamir Rice’s murder.  Listen and watch at #riseupoctober

“Brothers and sisters, fellow resisters: You are beautiful. You have straightened your backs and can inspire millions of others.
The spirit of Rise Up must go forward—and that spirit needs to be made manifest in STRUGGLE and ORGANIZATION.

Be out there on November 22, the anniversary of Tamir Rice’s murder.
Be out there November 27, to actively boycott Black Friday.
Be out there December 3, one year after the cops who murdered Eric Garner were exonerated.
Be out there, making a powerful force of the voices of the relatives of those murdered by police.
Be out there, carrying forward the struggle to shut down Rikers Island.
And be there this next month, at organizing meetings of Rise Up.



This is part of a message from Cornel West and Carl Dix following the powerful demonstration, RiseUpOctober, last Saturday in NYC.


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