Just Announced: Sat, Nov 21 Rally & March! Justice for Tamir

Rally and March to Demand Justice for Tamir Rice

Killed by Police 1 Year Ago
Police terror and murder must STOP NOW!

Saturday, November 21, 2:30 pm

Rally E. 55th & Woodland                                                                             

March thru Community, Led by Families from 5 cities, along with Rev. Jerome McCorry, Faith Coordinator for #RiseUpOctober


If police can murder an unarmed 12-year-old boy playing in a park, a child posing no threat to anyone, and get away with it, what Black person, or Latino person, or Native American, anywhere, doing anything, can feel that they do not have a target on their back for police to aim at?  This is a crossroads as to whether the routine murder, violence, and terror against our children will be acceptable in this society or not.

A grand jury investigation has begun in Cleveland, but county prosecutor Timothy McGinty has greased the skids to have the decision be no indictments of the officers responsible for murdering Tamir, as we saw with the police that murdered Eric Garner and Michael Brown and too many others.

The cop who murdered Tamir Rice, along with his partner—who was complicit in the murder—must be indicted, convicted, and jailed!

Stop the slow genocide of police murder targeting our youth and Black, brown and Native people!

**Respond to an announcement of the Grand Jury’s verdict:
Go immediately to the Justice Center (Lakeside & Ontario). Rally the next day at 3 pm at Justice Center

Rise Up Cleveland: 216-246- 8377 riseupoct24cleveland@yahoo.com https://riseupoct24cleveland.wordpress.com/




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