Justice for Laquan McDonald—Send the Murdering Pig to Jail!

Statement by Carl Dix

Justice for Laquan McDonald—Send the Murdering Pig to Jail!

November 24, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

After more than a year of foot dragging and stonewalling, the white Chicago cop who gunned down 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014, was finally charged with first-degree murder on November 24. This charge was brought down 1 day before the city was forced by a court order to release the video of the shooting, a video that has been described by police officials as worse than anything they’ve ever seen. Once it became clear that they could no longer keep the video under wraps, the mayor and other officials began calling for calm.

Do they think we’re fools! Their cop gunned down a Black youth, and they spent more than a year refusing to release the video and doing everything they could to keep the truth from seeing the light of day. Now they have to release the video, so they quickly wound up the “investigation” and hit the cop with a murder charge. And we’re supposed to be calm?

NO! HELL NO! People in Chicago and everywhere else must come out on Friday, November 27 to let the powers-that-be know in no uncertain terms that this officially-sanctioned murder—which they have tried their damnedest to cover up—is absolutely unacceptable and illegitimate. And even before Friday—as soon as the video is released—people everywhere should go out with signs and whistles and begin agitating and raising hell, forming up actions on the spot.

What are we supposed to do? Wait calmly while the district attorney who forgot how to prosecute when the defendant was the cop who gunned down Rekia Boyd handles the prosecution of another killer cop? While the legal system that denied the family of Darius Pinex even a shred of justice even though it got brought out into the open that the cops who had murdered him had spent years lying about how the killing went down oversees this case?

This system has murdered Black people, Latino people and other oppressed people since the day of its founding. Its very holiday of “thanksgiving” is nothing but a celebration of genocide, further proof on how this murder is woven into the institutional fabric of U.S. capitalism-imperialism. We need a revolution to deal with this, and the path to that revolution has been charted by Bob Avakian and is being hastened every day by the party he leads, the Revolutionary Communist Party. And right now, everyone who wants change… everyone who wants freedom… everyone who wants justice… everyone who is willing to say that these are OUR youth and the murder must stop—needs to do two things.

One, be out there on Friday demanding that MURDER AND TERROR BY THE POLICE MUST STOP! Take defiant and determined action to make clear to everyone, all around the world that killer cops like the one who wantonly stole Laquan McDonald’s life must all be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail. Jason Van Dyke, the pig who murdered Laquan, had many, many complaints for excessive force and using the “n” word. Yet he still marauded through Black and Brown neighborhoods with a badge and gun and a license to kill, as long as he said the magic words that killer cops always use—“I feared for my life.”

And two, go to the web site www.revcom.us and find out more about Bob Avakian and the revolution we need. Everybody, every group and every person that opposes this kind of madness, that wants a better future for the youth, should be reached with this statement. And they should get with the movement for revolution the RCP is building and Fight the Power, and Transform the People, For Revolution!

Justice for Laquan McDonald!

Now that he’s indicted—Convict Jason Van Dyke and Send Him to Jail!

Download PDF of this statement



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