Event Update Thurs Dec 3

Come to a timely and important discussion at Revolution Books.

From Paris to Minneapolis…From Syria to Colorado Springs…THE WORLD CRIES OUT FOR REVOLUTION! 

Thursday, December 3 at 6:30 pm

revolution-front-enThis past month has been one of great crimes against humanity, as well as important resistance to the crimes of this system. This is a moment to seize. And most of all, a moment to connect people with the need, and basis for a revolutionary solution—the leadership and work of Bob Avakian (BA).

Just this month there was the murderous assault on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There is the escalating clash of Western imperialism and Islamic fundamentalist Jihad, with terrorist attacks in Paris; France—with U.S. assistance and backing—bombing the densely populated Syrian city of Raqqa; and the downing of a Russian passenger plane by ISIS.

And there is resistance. In Paris, heroic environmental activists are in the streets in the face of police-state repression and massive police brutality. In the U.S., people are rising up against the oppression of Black people, in many different ways. And there were beginning vigils and protests in the immediate wake of the Colorado Springs attack demanding abortion on demand and without apology, and declaring abortion providers are heroes and forced motherhood is female enslavement….read more from “At a Moment of Horrendous Crimes and Important Uprisings…Seize the Time!”


More suggested readings from revcom.us:

Statement on the Violent Attack on Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

Statement by Carl Dix: Justice For Jamar Clark!

A Terrorist Attack in Paris, a World of Horrors, and the NEED FOR ANOTHER WAY

Why We Should NOT Root for Our Own Rulers… And Why It’s Better If They LOSE Their Wars



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