It Starts Today! 200 Books for Revolution Books

Give to a bookstore that matters for the future of humanity and our planet

View the Campaign page now! Donate today!

People have been coming to Revolution Books in Cleveland for over 30 years, looking for the books and the engagement about why the world is like this and how it could be radically transformed through revolution.  In 2015, we made the Plain Dealer’s list of “13 great independent bookstores in Cleveland and beyond.”

Revolution Books has the need, and opportunity, to fill our shelves with hundreds of new books. The aim of this mass fundraising campaign is to raise $5000 to stock our shelves with a vast array of important new books.    

We aim to provide cutting edge books: on the oppression and struggle of Black and other People of Color;  the books and writings of Bob Avakian and his new synthesis of communism;  Women’s liberation; the LGBTQ community; Fiction; the Environment; Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East;  Science, and more.

Your support will make it happen!      

Around the planet, life is a nightmare for billions, and crucial questions are being posed about the future of humanity and the planet. Millions are cast off their lands by war and poverty. Being Black or Latino in this society too often the cause for being killed by the police and the system ruling it “justifiable homicide.”  Women in the third world confronting choices of slaving in a sweatshop or selling sex. Huge gulfs of inequality and a bleak future of environmental catastrophe.

Revolution Books is marked by a morality and strategic approach to fighting for a world that will overcome all forms of exploitation and oppression… grounded in the re-envisioned communism of Bob Avakian, with big arms to engage the wide spheres of cultural and intellectual life that must be a part of the new world we need to create. All this makes it an urgent necessity for Revolution Books to dramatically increase the number and variety of books we have available.

When you contribute to Revolution Books, you become part of a vibrant community like no other!

Get involved!    Donate!                                                  

2804 Mayfield Rd, at Coventry, Cleve Hts    216-932-2543                  Store Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, Noon- 6 pm



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