Make a difference! Give $5 in the next 30 hours

You can make a difference in 30 hours!
WANTED: 20 people to give $5.00 to the campaign by 9 pm this Friday

Donate now

*If you are a high school or college student, are low income or unemployed…
*If you are an activist against the abuses and outrages of this system…
*If you’ve come through our doors in the past year to browse, shop, or engage with us…
*If you’ve attended the discussions, films, author events, cultural nights and more at Revolution Books…

Then you can appreciate a bookstore dedicated to the emancipation of humanity! And that we rely on the community to thrive.

Your $5, along with $5 from 19 other people, will make a big difference!
Donate now

And don’t stop there! By spreading this appeal to others, on facebook, email, and to your lists, you will make EVEN MORE of a difference!

Some of the Perks available for higher amounts of giving. More info


Framed painting by local artist Jeremy Brustein


Soon to be published book by Bob Avakian


Concert tickets, CD’s and tees from Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band

Also available as perks:

*Gift Certificates from Mac’s Backs Paperbacks on Coventry

*Porcelain Tile artwork, portrait of Malcolm X, el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. Created by Idris Kabir Syed, lecturer of Pan African Studies at Kent State University
More to come soon!



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