Bathroom Bills, Abortion, Police Murder… Now is the Time to Donate!

Look at the outrages that have been happening just In the past few days and hours…

  • Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bill” is PASSED in North Carolina. with 40 more anti-trans bills coming up!

  • Trump Says we have to BAN Abortion, and wants some form of PUNISHMENT If Women Get Illegal Abortions!

  •  No charges filed against Minneapolis police in the murder of JAMAR CLARK!

These vicious attacks on the people must be STOPPED!  We’re living in a time of  increased polarization of society, and people are raising their heads, coming into the streets, looking for answers.  Revolution Books is the place where people can find the books and the engagement about why the world is like this and how it could be radically transformed through revolution. 

We need Revolution Books now more than ever!  And we need to fill our shelves with hundreds of new books which speak to what is happening in this country and in the world.

NOW is the time to DONATE!  This mass fundraising campaign is to raise $5000 to stock our shelves with a vast array of important new books on: 

  • the oppression and struggle of Black and other People of Color
  • the books and writings of Bob Avakian and his new synthesis of communism
  • Women’s liberation
  • the LGBTQ community
  • Fiction
  • the Environment and Science
  • Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East

Donating to Revolution Books is one important way to ANSWER this reactionary agenda!  Books and community must be available that will help people understand WHY this is all happening and feel compelled  to act in the interests of humanity.

Be sure to write a short statement on why you support this campaign.

When you contribute to Revolution Books, you become part of a vibrant community like no other!



  • Pair of tickets to the Cleveland International Film Festival, good thru April 10$35 donation
  • Pair of tickets to April 9 Concert of Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band – $50 donation




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