Updated! Statements from the Community in Support of Revolution Books Fund Drive


People from the community have responded to our fundraising campaign with beautiful & meaningful statements of support.

There are only 16 days to go!

Whether it’s $5 or $50, your donation makes a difference. Consider what Revolution Books means to you.

What can YOU give today?

“Revolution Books – I think it’s so important for free thought and truth to be promoted, donateand Revolution Books has always been at the heart of that idea, being our community’s conscience and consciousness; raising awareness and being a voice that calls out hypocrisy, corruption, greed, injustice and the need for change in our society and all over the world. If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that there’s more to the story than you’re being told, then it’s important to keep that voice loud and clear. We never know how dearly it’s needed until it’s taken away. How fortunate we are to have that choice, when so many don’t.”  -– Carlos Jones, reggae musician

“I have been thinking about the role of Revolution Books in my life. It is hard to believe that relationship is almost 30 years old. Revolution Books has always been there to expand my consciousness in regards to the struggle for the liberation of all humanity. From my teenage years, when I was just getting exposed to the movement, through my education as a college student, and my time as a college lecturer, I always knew where I could turn for information about what was happening on the streets (anywhere in the world). Though I have never been a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, when my allegiances were to the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party and I needed the books for my cadres study group, I went to Revolution Books-they always had what I needed. Whether it was in search of the right book, to engage in dialogue with the community, or to find out where and when local community mobilizations were occurring, I could (and can) always count on Rev. Books. This is why I have to give back, and pay forward. This bookstore is a vital resource in our community, we all need to support it, in whatever way we can. Stay strong, continue the struggle (for it is continuous), and beautiful. “  — Idris Kabir Syed, M.F.A., M.Ed., Lecturer, Dept. Pan-African Studies, Kent State University

“There are books that I can’t find any place else, and I mean any place else.  There is a community there – where different learning styles, some analytical, some visual, or in the written word…Revolution Books addresses those different learning styles.  It is very welcoming.  When you hit the door, you feel the vibration, you feel included”  –Black activist in Cleveland

“If you’re looking to truly liberate humanity all over the world and get beyond the tired old uninspiring  approaches to somehow making capitalism more acceptable, Revolution Books is the place for you.   It features the works of Bob Avakian, who has blazed a path over decades to critically examine the experience of socialist revolutions and societies and how to make revolution in this country.  His dogged pursuit of the truth has culminated in a new synthesis of communism which not only upholds key advances that were made , but also criticizes and re-envisions  the kind of world we want to live in.  If you haven’t gotten into BA, you don’t know what you’re missing. Please donate to make this store an even more vibrant and compelling space.”  —substitute teacher in the Cleveland Public Schools

“Any bookstore expands the knowledge base of community, enables people to engage in public discourse about the issues of the day.  I appreciate Revolution Books because it has a plethora of titles from all over the world.  You can get exposed to different kinds of economic systems, philosophies, ideas of how the world is run and who operates it.  At Revolution Books, the books  are important, the lectures are important, the staff is important. The public should support this unique bookstore.”  -–Genevieve Mitchell, member of the Carl Stokes Brigade, director of The Black Women’s Center, and serves as secretary for the National Institute for Restorative Justice

“I would like to see this country get rid of the capitalistic tactics they been using for years, and not to have the man with his foot on our necks.  People need to come to realize that you are not as free as you think you are.  Revolution Books opens the eyes of people who want to see and shows how the U.S. government is conniving and backstabbing around the world.” –An oppressed black man from the neighborhood around Revolution Books

“I support Revolution Books because I believe it is an important place that humanity can find real solutions to the contradictions humanity faces.  As a former Anarchist/Activist, I feel I finally have a way of understanding the world and a real way to end the horrors humanity faces all across the world.  Humanity NEEDS Revolution Books.” -–member of the Cleveland Revolution Club

“It is important to support the Revolution Book Store. The store provides a vehicle for knowledge about this oppressive system and how to fight back to bring about a better world.”   — Ron Arundell, retired college professor,  Cincinnati Ohio

“I was introduced to Revolution Books on Coventry in Cleveland Heights about 3 months ago. After pdonatearticipating in the Rise up October March and Rally in New York City. When I came back to Cleveland I contacted Revolution Bookstore to volunteer. After I learned that the bookstore was ran by volunteers I was amazed. I met wonderful people who are very serious about the injustices of all people. I found books that I have not seen in any other bookstore. I wanted to help Revolution Books become that place where activists like myself could have serious conversations about what is going on across America.  I am a retired disabled grandmother and I am willing to not only give my time but to donate when I can. Being on a fixed income is not easy but what would we do without Revolution Bookstore.”  –Black activist in Cleveland

“Supporting Revolution Books today because the world today, with all its horrors, holds the potential for something far better. To unlock that – at the foundation of RB – is the most advanced scientific theory and leadership for an actual revolution for the emancipation of humanity: the new synthesis of communism brought forward by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian. Find that, and much more at Revolution Books.” —Debra Sweet, Director of World Can’t Wait



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