8 Days to Make a Difference

We have til Wednesday, April 20 at midnite to reach our goal of $5000 in this urgent fundraising campaign for Revolution Books. If everyone who’s been reading these posts gives $5, we would be much closer to our goal! So it’s time for YOU to decide…to donate NOW!

There are some exciting plans for this last push, but before we get to that (below), consider this…

…In 3 months, thousands of people from all over the world will be coming to Cleveland to protest the Republican National Convention.

429MeinTrumpfMEME-en▪ Will it matter that when people come here, that there will be a vibrant bookstore where people can find the books and the engagement about why the world is like this and how it could be radically transformed through revolution?
▪ Will it make a difference for people to be able to protest and resist all day and then come to Revolution Books for books, films, lectures and community gatherings that welcome and challenge people who are raising their heads, coming into the streets, and looking for answers?

What makes Revolution Books unique? Nothing less than revolution-and a scientific way to know and change the whole world, an approach that goes hand in hand with a poetic spirit; a critical spirit of inquiry and debate – of going for the truth; the liberating joy of struggle and the seriousness of a movement for an actual revolution that could at long last put an end to all forms of oppression and exploitation throughout the world.

At the heart of Revolution Books is the leadership of Bob Avakian, concentrated in the new synthesis of communism, a breakthrough in the science of revolution. In a world crying out for fundamental change, this is a game changer for a new stage of revolution and communism.

We need Revolution Books now more than ever! And we need to fill our shelves with hundreds of new books which speak to what is happening in this country and in the world.


So here is the challenge:
YOU and many hundreds of people have heard about this Campaign from emails, on facebook, twitter, and more…it’s TIME to GIVE


Here’s what YOU can do in these last 8 Days:

1. Join us at Revolution Books every day this week for a sidewalk sale and neighborhood outreach event.  Wednesday- Saturday, anytime between Noon – 6 pm. We will set up tables, displays and books on Mayfield in front of the store. Be part of taking this campaign out to our neighbors

2. Social Media Blitz!  Starting at Noon on Wednesday thru midnite on Thursday, be part of a 36 hour blitz on facebook, twitter, email, phone calling, and more. Let’s aim to get thousands more people to know about this campaign and donate. If each person could reach 20 people, that would multiply the reach and audience of this effort. How many people can YOU reach?

3. With the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland, let’s come together at Revolution Books on Sunday, April 17 at 4 pm to discuss an important and provocative article from Revolution Newspaper: “On the Rise of Donald Trump… And the Need for and Possibility of Real Revolution.” We also suggest a companion piece to read, “If you’re into Bernie Sanders…”


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