Revolution Books Needs You!

5 days left to donate at

Here’s the geometry of this effort:
People-to-people. Radically simple. You donate, you tell 10 friends WHY you gave, 3 of them donate and 2 of them tell 2 more friends, who each tell 2, and and and…

You are one of over 1500 friends of Revolution Books

If just

* 450 people give $10 each OR

* 300 people give $15 OR

* 175 people give $25 OR

* 43 people give $100!

We can surpass our goal if YOU take a part in this!

Donate Now

rb meme

If you are one of the hundreds of people who say,

“I just love this store!”….

If you have participated in the ongoing discussions and film showings about critical questions of today, like the elections, global warming, police terror, abortion, immigration, endless war, the strategy for revolution….

If you have learned from the groundbreaking materials by Bob Avakian about theory, method and outlook for real revolution in the 21st century…

If you grasp the urgency of this store being a vibrant center for revolution when the Republican National Convention hits town in July!

If you have come into the bookstore to find out the latest developments and how to go forward in the battles to stop police terror…

If you love critical thinking!…

If you have participated in programs at the store, on evolution, Palestine, revolutionary strategy, abortion rights or many other topics, and came out of it saying, “that was really fascinating!”…

If you have said about RB, “your book selection is great but you need more books!”….

Then YOU need to contribute so we can build our stock and prepare the store for challenges ahead!

We know you are out there, friends and comrades!

Step out and give all you can… NOW


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