Revolution Club’s RNC message…

Revolution Club’s RNC message

America Was NEVER Great!
We Need to Overthrow This System!

The Revolution Club announced today that it is in Cleveland, “where Donald Trump, cheered on by his mob of racist baboons, fascist jackasses, and shit-eating Republican hacks, will strut around and whip up the backward and the confused against immigrants, Black people, women, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn’t fit his perverted vision of ‘American greatness.'”

And further that “any system that would put this braying jackass forward as a ‘legitimate candidate’ is itself completely illegitimateand accepting the system’s ‘lesser of two evils’ option will only lead to greater evil.

The Revolution Club said that while in Cleveland, it will be “raising a banner of real liberation from this madness, and projecting the leader—Bob Avakian—who’s shown the way out. We will be projecting the only REAL alternative to the madness and the only REAL way out of it: OVERTHROW, DON’T VOTE FOR, THIS SYSTEM!”

The Club will announce a list of scheduled activities Monday.

Revolution Club marching; Cleveland OH Friday July 15, 2016

America Was NEVER Great


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