Revolution Club in Philly- Protests DNC @ 6:30 pm for Offering “Criminal Choices of a Criminal System”

Media Advisory
contact: Revolution Club Media 646 450 4701
25 July 2016

Revolution Club Protests DNC for Offering “Criminal Choices of a Criminal System”

What:   Revolution Club speaking
When:  Monday July 25 6:30 pm (scheduled)
Where: Zone 2 FDR Park, Philadelphia

The Revolution Club, whose members burned a flag outside the Republican Convention last week, and were illegally held more than 24 hours by police after ward, are in Philadelphia to carry their indictment of the current system to the Democrats.  They continue the theme of their RNC protests “America Was NEVER Great – We Need to Overthrow This System”

They will be on stage tonight at a rally at FDR Park, Zone 2.

Wednesday they will sponsor a 1:00 pm rally south of the 2nd Bank, Chestnut between 4th & 5th Streets, Philadelphia.

More on the Revolution Club

Monday July 25, Philadelphia


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