Thursday, Sept 1: Join the Committee to Drop the Charges against Joey Johnson and the RNC16

Revolution Books just received this invitation to be part of a new committee forming to support Joey Johnson and the RNC16. Join us this Thursday! facebook event

Thursday, September 1st at 7 pm
Room 135 in the Main Classroom Building
Cleveland State University

It is part of the African American Cultural Center on the Chester side of the building, off E. 22nd

We are calling on people in Northeast Ohio to join the fight to Drop the Charges against Joey Johnson and RNC 16. Burning the American flag was righteous and necessary to counter the Make American Great Again fascist mantra coming from the RNC.

These defendants must be supported, and the authorities must not be allowed to get away with circumventing, distorting, punishing, and criminalizing this defining act of protest. Pre-trials have begun and are continuing for the defendants who are coming in from all over the country. An aggressive legal defense is being mounted. There is lots of work to be done. You are needed NOW to be part of waging and winning this battle.

At the meeting on Thursday, we will discuss the importance of this case and why it’s urgent to build a defense committee to take up various tasks to fight for the demand that all charges be dropped. Your participation is valued, please come and bring others who are interested.

More information on the case
Fact Sheet on the Case
Donate for Legal Expenses


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