Thursday, Nov 3 – Stand with the RNC 16 in Court

The RNC 16 are coming back to Cleveland this week for an important court hearing.


Stand with them in Court on Thursday, Nov 3 at 10 am
Courtroom 15A in the Justice Center, Ontario & Lakeside

More of what you can do this week:

  • Set up house/dorm meetings with the defendants, including Gregory “Joey” Johnson to speak at your school. Gregory “Joey” Johnson fought and won the 1989 Supreme Court decision that it is legal to burn the U.S. flag, and burned the flag at the Republican National Convention July 2016 in Cleveland. Contact the RNC 16 or in Cleveland:  216-225-2267
  • Be part of re-enacting the People’s Tribunal that was originally performed outside the INJustice Center in Cleveland on September 29. Get the full transcript of the Tribunal here
  • Funds are needed to defray the costs of the defense, and to make speakers available on this case. It costs thousands of dollars to fly the defendants to each court hearing! Donate here
  • Demand that prosecutor Timothy McGinty drop the charges on Gregory “Joey” Johnson and the RNC 16. Phone: 216-443-7800. Twitter: @Pros_TimMcGinty
  • Sign the online petition here – We demand: Drop the Charges on Gregory “Joey” Johnson and RNC16 Now!

Stay tuned to for developments.


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