Election Day in Cleveland…

RevComs Mobilize to Defend the Right to Vote, While Organizing to Overthrow the System At Soonest Possible Time

contact: 646 450 4701

RevComs, revolutionary communist supporters of the RCP, USA, are mobilizing to defend the rights of Black, Latino, and other oppressed people to vote across the country, even as they themselves refuse to vote and are organizing to overthrow the system at the soonest possible time.

Under the theme,“America Was NEVER Great, Overthrow — Don’t Vote — For This System,” they are on a National Get Into the Revolution Organizing Tour. As part of this, RevComs have traveled to the battle-ground states of Arizona and Ohio to prevent voter intimidation and harassment of Black people, immigrant citizens, and other oppressed people. They have put out hotlines for people to report any intimidation or harassment aimed at suppressing their vote with the promise that, “We will go there and STOP it!

Cleveland hotline # 216-225-2267   PC2_10-18_600px.jpg
Join us at street corner rallies tomorrow!

“When white supremacists bigots like Trump and other fascists mobilize to intimidate Black and other oppressed people from voting, this is an attempt to force us back to the days of lynch-mob terror and open white supremacy. This absolutely must be stopped and we will put our bodies on the line to do it,” said Carl Dix.

At the same time, in what might seem to some as counter-intuitive, Dix and the RevComs themselves do not vote and do not think that others should either. “If slaves had been allowed to vote for their slave master, they’d still be slaves. It wouldn’t be ‘less bad’ because they had a say in who owned them. Same thing today. Picking who runs this capitalist-imperialist system of mass incarceration, police terror, violence against women, and global wars and plunder is not meaningful. What is meaningful is overthrowing this system – making a revolution and building a new society without exploitation and oppression.”

In New York City, Chicago, and other cities, they are holding public gatherings throughout election day under the theme, “America Was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow – NOT Vote For – This System!”

Carl Dix: Why I Am Not Voting In This Election, Why You Shouldn’t Either… But Why I Will Defend The Right Of Black And Other Oppressed People To Vote!


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