Monday, Nov 28: Organizing Meeting to Defend the RNC 16

YOU are Needed NOW to be part of the battle to Drop the Charges Against the RNC 16

Now is the time to go on the offensive, to get the charges dropped and resist this whole fascist program!  The system is trying to shut up people who are resisting– whether its protesters burning the flag, the water protectors at Standing Rock, athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem, students walking out of their classes, actors speaking out, and much more…

We should not let them get away with this! 

Join us for an Organizing Meeting
to Defend the RNC 16

Monday, November 28 at 6 pm

contact or 216-225-2267 for more information

The RNC 16 courageously acted at the coronation of Trump in Cleveland! They went right to the gates of this fascist orgy and burned the symbol of the US Empire. The revcoms “had a right to do what we did at the RNC… and it was right.” Even before the flag was lit, a mob of police and fascist Infowars/Trump operatives assaulted the protective perimeter of Revolution Club members. The police violently arrested Joey Johnson and at least 16 other people. The victims of this assault, the RNC 16, face multiple misdemeanors and felonies.  

Support the RNC 16 as part of building up the resistance now.

Read more about the RNC 16, articles, video’s, and what you can do
Drop the Charges on Joey Johnson & the RNC 16!
Burning the American Flag in Protest is NOT a Crime!



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