What Does It Tell You That Donald Trump Is a Big Fan of Alex Jones, the Point Man in Going After the RNC16?

November 22, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

What does it tell you that Donald Trump is a big fan of Alex Jones and that this same Alex Jones is the point man in going after the notorious flag burner Joey Johnson and the RNC16, the 16 Revolution Club members who were illegally arrested this summer for burning the American flag at the entrance to the Republican National Convention?

It tells you a lot about why Johnson and the RNC16 were targeted, attacked, and face serious charges. And it tells you a lot about how righteous and necessary their protest was and why now they must be firmly defended!

For more see:

“Who Is Alex Jones and Infowars.com?”

“RNC 16 Put the Pigs on Trial: People’s Tribunal Finds the System GUILTY!”

“We did nothing wrong—we have right on our side: RNC Flag Burners Go on the Offensive”

A section of the re-enactment of the People’s Tribunal, which put the system on trial for the towering crimes U.S. imperialism has committed and continues to perpetrate against the people of the world and masses of oppressed people in this country. They indicted the various pigs and pig agencies responsible for the illegal acts against the RNC 16, the people including Joey Johnson who burned the flag at the Republican National Convention. In this section Alex Jones is indicted. 

In a video posted July 20, 2016 by Infowars, a website run by Alex Jones, the “reporters” brag about assaulting Johnson in a violent effort to stop him from burning the flag: “We ripped the guy’s [Gregory Johnson] shirt off and just punched him and kicked him man…we just did everything we could.”




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