Urgent Update for RNC 16: Monday, Dec 12 Organizing Meeting

Committee to Defend the RNC 16

Monday, December 12

7 pm at Mac’s Backs Paperbacks, 1820 Coventry Rd in Cleveland Hts map

Now is the time to jump into this case with both feet! 

The prosecution of the RNC 16 looms even larger in light of Trump having just decreed, without legal justification, that flag burning—an act of political dissent and free speech—should result in people going to jail, or even becoming stateless people without citizenship and any legal protections at all.   This is one of the first legal challenges to the dangerous and deadly regime Trump intends to impose.  Trump is also poisoning public opinion, including the jury pool, and this raises the question of whether the RNC 16 can get a fair and impartial jury, if this case goes to trial.At the meeting we will discuss:

  • This dangerous assault on the rule of law, Constitutional Rights, Free Speech & Dissent.*
  • Make plans for 2 important court dates for the RNC 16 in January (more on this below). Our aim should be to pack the courtroom, and we’ll talk about how we can do that.
  • Since Joey Johnson and the RNC 16 coming back to Cleveland for these court hearings, it also provides an opportunity for them to speak in Northeast Ohio.  We should make plans to get them speaking gigs at schools, churches, and major venues in the area.
  • It also will cost thousands of dollars for the RNC 16 to travel to Cleveland from all over the country for these hearings.  We need to make plans to raise LOTS of money to get them here!

Court Hearing Dates and what they’re for:

  • Wednesday, January 11 at 1:30 pm--an evidentiary hearing on the motion to dismiss the charges of assault against Joey Johnson and another Revolution Club member. Witnesses, including the two so-called “victims” from InfoWars, will be subpoenaed to appear in court. And the attorneys will present evidence exposing the illegal assault and outrageousness of the continued prosecution of these and all the defendants.
  • Thursday, January 26 at 10 am–a hearing on the motion to dismiss all the misdemeanor charges against the other RNC defendants. One of the attorneys for the RNC 16 made the point to the judge that the court should make arrangements for the hearing to be in a larger courtroom to allow the public, including supporters of the RNC 16 and the media, to attend and observe.

What this threat by Trump against Flag burners underscores is that if this fascist regime is allowed to consolidate power, it will demolish what few rights and legal protections have been won through fierce struggle against the oppressive rule of bourgeois democracy, and there will be HELL to pay. This cannot be allowed.

Join us for this organizing meeting on Monday!

*Read the latest articles on the RNC 16 on revcom for the latest analysis and information:

New Court Dates Set for Flag Burner Joey Johnson & RNC 16—For Burning the American Flag at the 2016 Republican National Convention
Trump Threatens Flag Burners, Revolution Club Hits Back

Drop the Charges on Joey Johnson & the RNC 16!

Burning the American Flag in Protest is NOT a Crime!

216-225-2267 FreeRNC16@gmail.com


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