Tuesday, Dec 27: Organizing Meeting to Defend the RNC16

Tuesday, December 27, 6 pm
Organizing Meeting Defend the RNC16!

Cleveland Heights Public Library, Levey Room
2345 Lee Road, Cleveland Hts MAP

This meeting will focus on making plans for January 26…

Thursday, January 26: all the defendants will be in Cleveland for a court hearing on the motion to dismiss all the misdemeanor charges against the RNC defendants.

This is a VERY important hearing, and we need to go all out to PACK THE COURTROOM! All kinds of people need to show up that morning and show their support.

We will be there to defend the constitutional right of people to burn the flag in protest, the right of people to stand up and speak freely what is on their minds, and to not be forced to risk physical assault, jail, denial of citizenship or death to do so. WE WILL BE THERE TO DEMAND THAT THE CHARGES BE DROPPED!

10 am at the INJustice Center, 1200 Ontario Street, downtown Cleveland.

*Why is this court hearing so important?
*What will it take to fill the seats in the courtroom to overflowing?
*What else needs to happen in the upcoming weeks to make all this happen?

As part of this, we need to make plans to set up speaking engagements for Joey Johnson and the other defendants, raise lots of money so they can get to Cleveland for the January hearings, and demand the prosecutors drop the charges NOW.


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