New Years Eve- Festival of NO! on Public Square

citiesSaturday, December 31 in Cleveland OH
9 pm – 1 am on Public Square
Rally/March beginning @ Euclid and Ontario

facebook event

Cleveland will join with nation wide protests on NYE as part of a month of resistance to STOP Trump and Pence from taking power.

Bring drums, pots and pans, noise-makers, candles, glow-sticks, posters that say “NO!” and everyone you know. Join thousands in cities and towns across this country, ringing in the new year in determination to STOP the fascist Trump/Pence regime BEFORE it comes to power.

▪ Make lighted “NO” signs, where the letters themselves are lit up with xmas lites and giant-sized NO’s!

▪ Do you have a projector? Let’s get a big NO! projected onto a building or buildings!

▪ Bring your creativity and your friends!

contact us in Cleveland at or 216-225-2267
National website:

Be in the streets New Year’s Eve!
This New Year’s Eve, be where the world needs you most… In the Streets saying #NoFascistUSA!

Bring Your Own Signs:

No “pussy-grabbing”
No immigrant-bashing
No Muslim registry
No Wall
No White Supremacy
No Neo-Nazis
No gay-bashing
No climate-change-denying

Wherever you are New Year’s Eve, take a pic with the word “NO!” and send it to – or just share on social media with #NoFascist2017 and #NoFascistUSA hashtags.

Link up with these protests and vigils around the country. Or, plan your own.

more at




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