Full-Page Signed Ad in New York Times Says: “Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts!”

adToday’s ad in the New York Times calling on people to say NO! – In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept A Fascist America” is a major political weapon in the battle to prevent Trump-Pence from ruling.  Today is a day to get this everywhere: through social media; through printing this off and posting it all over, where you work, live, travel, go to school, etc. – in the bathroom walls of movie theaters, schools, restaurants – left out in coffee shops, barber shops, beauty parlors, and everywhere else you can think of.

This is a great day to give heart to all kinds of people, to challenge them in an extremely positive way, and to change the whole tone and terms of things for millions of people, going into a truly crucial period.

download pdf

Donate Generously – Hundreds of thousands of dollars are urgently needed to print the ad that appeared in the New York Times in newspapers across the country, to support volunteers going to D.C., to produce millions of copies of Refuse Fascism material and get them out everywhere, and to support organizers and speakers. Donate Now!





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