Beginning Friday, Feb. 10: Say NO! Everywhere. And let the world see it. #NoFascistUSA

In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!

Beginning Friday, Feb. 10: Say NO! Everywhere. And let the world see it. #NoFascistUSA


In the face of the dizzying pace of the fascist pronouncements and acts of the Trump/Pence regime, people all over – in likely and unlikely places – are looking for answers, looking for ways to resist, especially in ways which are part of strengthening and growing a larger community of defiance. Be part of strengthening the community of resistance and defiance. Starting right now.

On Friday February 10th, print out NO! posters and take them with you everywhere you go. Ask local businesses to put them in their windows, put them up at your workplace, at the doctors office, in your apartment buildings, on your campus, in your neighborhood. Take photos and post them on social media under the hashtag #NoFascistUSA

Take short videos with people on why they are putting up the NO! Ask for donations and point people to donate to so that EVEN more materials can be made.

Throughout the weekend, we must gather momentum on the street and on social media so that this becomes a  MAJOR symbol all over the country. On Saturday, imagine even MORE people taking out the NO! at their local coffee shops, at restaurants and so forth. On Sunday, people getting out stacks of these NO! out to people at their churches, synagogues and mosques.

On Monday beginning of the week, as the actions of the fascist Trump regime heighten, everywhere people go at their school and workplaces, thousands are spreading the NO! and thousands more are seeing it and THEY are spreading it, to THOUSANDS MORE who must spread it.

The world must see that there are millions of us, young and old, people of faith, atheists, pacifists, revolutionaries, different nationalities, artists, writers who are not only opposed to everything that Trump represents but we are united around the common mission to DRIVE OUT the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime.

The Power of NO is a visible rally cry, by seeing this everywhere, the tens of millions in this country will see a reflection of their deep despair transformed into resistance.  The Power of NO has the potential to turn each new outrage from this fascist Trump/Pence regime into broader and more resolute resistance; A RESISTANCE with potential of millions taking to the streets and refusing to leave until this regime steps down.


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