June 3 – 4: Visit Revolution Books Booth at the Hessler Street Fair!

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In University Circle, just west of Euclid and Mayfield. Directions & Map

3 Urgently Relevant Works

Do you want to understand the deeper dynamics and roots of how a fascist regime like Tump’s filled with Christian theocrats and military ghouls could be elected in the U.S.?
Do you want to understand why America was never great by learning the actual history of the U.S., its role in the world and the terrible consequences for humanity?
Do you want to know why the Democrats have no answers and why relying on them actually plays into strengthening this fascist regime?
Do you want to know about all the diverse streams of resistance and how to go further with the aim of ousting this fascist regime?
Do you want to know the strategic approach to making an actual revolution and the radically new society that could be brought into being?

Join us at the Hessler Street Fair, and go to revcom.us where you will find a deep engagement on these questions including the works of Bob Avakian, the leadership for an emancipating revolution and much more.

Spread the word about our booth next weekend.
Bring your friends; spread the word through social media.
Volunteer: take a shift at the booth; help set up and tear down the booth.
Contact us

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