Thurs 8/3: Protest Fascist Trump in W. Virginia

Do not sit back and just watch this fascist freak-show — join us to organize a movement to drive this regime from power before they do any more harm.


Thursday, August 3rd, 4PM

Big Sandy Superstore:  1 Center Plaza Huntington, West Va facebook event

Refuse Fascism Ohio will be carpooling from Cleveland! Contact us at 216-225-2267

In the last week, Trump has been traveling around the country spewing vile hatred of immigrants, Muslims and refugees, mobilizing the police to brutalize people, a reign of terror upon terror of Black and brown people.

He banned trans people from the military and banned people who are from one of the 6 Muslim majority countries on his list. Trump is whipping up hatred of immigrants, calling them all criminals, animals and drug dealers and is launching a nationwide crackdown on sanctuary cities.
All of these are moves to consolidate fascism.
This must not go unanswered. He must be met with mass protest!
Are you anywhere within driving distance of Huntington? is calling on you to join together with others to protest. To stand with those who are under attack and raise the message: Trump and Pence Must Go!
Write us if you plan on attending and if you can help spread the word, or can bring others in a carpool.
► Do you know people in the area who could house or feed protesters from out town?
► Could you spread the word on social media?
► Could you donate towards travel expenses for others?
This regime is moving forces at all levels of government, city and state, to act as enforcers of his agenda, turning over to ICE any immigrant they find to be undocumented.
No one with a heart should sit back back. We must act now. We must protest Trump and Pence, and everyone in the Trump Regime everywhere they go as part of strengthening the movement to drive them from power. has been uniting with immigrants rights groups, people fighting for trans rights, Indivisible and many others to protests these fascists everywhere they go.
In Philly, we waged sit-ins in the street when Jeff Sessions came to speak, in Youngstown, we disrupted Trump’s rally, when Trump spoke in Long Island we came together with others to say we WILL not let you come for our immigrant brothers and sisters.
This needs to grow even larger in numbers, in strength and in determination. These fascists must not have a moment of peace.
This is fascism, a change in how society is governed. An open dictatorship that relies on terror and violence, trampling on civil rights, wielding the power of the state and organized groups of thugs to commit atrocities against people, especially those identified as “undesirables” or “dangers to society.”
The way the regime is moving to restrict, dehumanize and demonize entire groups of people is similar to what Hitler did to Jewish people and other “undesirables” before the Holocaust. The lesson from Nazi Germany is that there is window of time to act before it can become too late.

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