Update: Support Revolution Books, Berkeley, Against Alt-Right Attacks

September 25, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

On Sunday September 24, after a student group that had planned a week of fascist speakers at UC Cal cancelled the week, Milo Yiannopoulos led a group of his fascist supporters to Sproul Plaza to spout their poison.  They were met with determined resistance by Refuse Fascism and By Any Means Necessary.

In the midst of the intense back and forth between Milo/Trump supporters and anti-fascists protesters, MAGA hat (Make America Great Again) fascists descended on Revolution Books, Berkeley, several times Sunday evening. Twice they massed outside the bookstore, pounding on the windows and yelling “USA, USA.” Some later forced their way into the store, but were stopped. People, including from the Animal Rights Center came over in support of the store forcing them to leave.

Revolution Books issued a statement denouncing these attacks and calling for people to come stand with the store. The bookstore vows to stay open in the face of fascist intimidation. Reiko Redmonde, manager of Revolution Books, cited the famous poem from Pastor Martin Niemöller who, after surviving Nazi concentration camps wrote, “First they came for the communists, but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.” Redmonde said, “Students, professors, clergy, activists, long-time supporters and new friends, everybody who refuses to accept a fascist America, we are calling you to come into Revolution Books this week and beyond, stand with the store, be present and fill the space!”

“With fascist thugs on the streets and a fascist regime in the White House, the mission of Revolution Books is more important than ever,” continued Reiko, “We are a bookstore about understanding the world in order to change the world. At the heart of our store is the most advanced scientific theory and leadership for an actual revolution for the emancipation of humanity: the new synthesis of communism brought forward by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian. We carry literature, history, science, art, philosophy, and revolutionary theory… Revolution Books is a place of discovery and engagement.”

For all these reasons, Revolution Books is recommitting to its determination to be part of bringing Bob Avakian, the most radical revolutionary alive, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, author of the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, former student at Cal and an active participant in the Free Speech Movement, to speak on the UC Berkeley campus in April 2018 about freedom of expression and communist revolution.

Revolution Books, Berkeley is inviting its community to show their love and support for the store today. Send your message of support to Revolution Books in Berkeley!

Email address: rredmonde@gmail.com.

UPDATE: Sept 26 Statements of Support for Revolution Books, Berkeley

The following are statements in support for Revolution Books in Berkeley and opposing the fascist/alt-right attacks against the store.

Ayelet Waldman, author:

It horrifies me to hear that our beloved Revolution Books was targeted by vicious white supremacists. Bookstores like Revolution Books are examples of the best this nation has to offer: freedom-loving, science-celebrating, creativity-inspiring. It’s one of the many heartbeats of this wonderful community of ours, and we won’t allow it to be silenced or destroyed.

Alley Cat Books in San Francisco’s Mission District:

Alley Cat Books stands in solidarity with Revolution Books and with anyone who refuses American fascism. There is no place for “free speech” that advocates white supremacy or genocide. Historically, fascism uses the rhetoric of the left to disguise its true intention, which is fundamentally regressive, repressive, racist, sexist, and without any imagination for our collective future. We say NO to this poisonous ideology. We say NO wall. NO KKK. NO fascist USA. Thank you for all you guys do! We stand with you.

Kim McMillon, playwright, UC Merced Graduate Student, ABD:

As a board member of PEN Oakland, I worked with Revolution Books to help create events that positively impacted our diverse community. Revolution Books provides the San Francisco Bay Area community and beyond a safe space for the exchange of ideas and information in support of equality for all. The work of Revolution Books is important for anyone that values freedom!!

Bob Meola, Courage to Resist:

I stand in solidarity with the right of Revolution Books to operate without fear of assault by fascists. Hate speech is not free speech. Fascists and Nazi thugs are not welcome in our community.

Alessandro Morosin, PhD candidate in sociology, University of California, Riverside; M.A., Global and International Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara:

Defeat the fascist intimidation of Revolution Books and their activists! Bay Area professors and students: it’s time to take your classes and colleagues down to this truly unique, intellectually committed space, and to invite their volunteers to speak in your classrooms. You will see just what the “MAGA” crowd is trying to suppress and silence. At RB, you will encounter a community who cares deeply about the planet and its people, and who models the critical search for the truth. We can’t afford to let such an inspiring place lose precious ground to the attacks of hateful thugs in today’s dangerous political climate.

Stuart Baker, executive director, Telegraph Business Improvement District:

We stand with our community members at Revolution Books. Intimidating a bookseller is no different than preventing a person from their right to speak freely. As the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, Telegraph stands in solidarity with those who seek a peaceful exchange of ideas, free from force or intimidation. We must keep this goal intact.

Lourdes Reboyoso, activista comunitaria y trabajadora del hogar:

Como Mujer de color, Trabajadora del hogar, Inmigrante, rechazó totalmente estos grupos de odio, que recurren a la violencia para nazis y supremacistas blancos seguir oprimiéndonos , callandonos, amedrentado a todo aquel que no se vea y piense como ellos, pero nosotros no nos vamos a callar seguiremos luchando para recuperar nuestra humanidad que por siglos nos han quitado, no nos esconderemos estamos aquí en la resistencia para no permitir que estos grupos ahora representados en las más altas esferas del poder en el país nos tomen por asalto como lo hicieron a nuestros ancestros, estare al lado de cada organización, grupo o persona que sea atacada por su lucha en contra de las injusticias de este sistema capitalista- patriarcal, estoy con ustedes a su lado lucharemos y resistiremos a este régimen que ha promovido que este odio se levante.

NO al régimen facista de de Trump y Pence!! Fuera!!!


After Milo Yiannopoulis’ fascist “free speech” event at Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, Redhat fascists assaulted Revolution Books in Berkeley. These fools hate books and facts as much as they love white supremacy. Don’t wait till they start burning the books! As Pastor Neimoller said, “First they came for the communists…” Stand with Revolution Books.



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