Nationwide! Thursday, March 1 Immigrants Stay! Trump/Pence Regime Must Go. Gather & Wear Black

CLEVELAND! Thursday March 1 Rally
5:30 pm Cleveland Public Square

Join with Refuse Fascism and gatherings in Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, LA, Orange County, Philly, Seattle, San Francisco, Tuscon; along with Mayor Ted Terry of Clarkston GA, Yosanda Lonewolf Standing Rock activist, Kathy Najimy, Chuck D,, Beatrice Rolland of the Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia, artist Joseph Guay in the suburbs; Chicagoland network to Stop Fascism, Students at: Fullerton University, University of Washington,  University of Houston, UCLA and Georgia State; No BS Media, Ernestine Hemming of First AME Church,  Reverend Stietemeler,  in spreading the word and taking action on this day. 

Growing list of events and gathering can be found here.

Sign the pledge.


At work, at school, on the street:

Gather and hold 11 minutes of silence for all eleven million undocumented immigrants.
These are our sisters and brothers!

Take pictures and spread them on social media using:


Stand against Trump’s comprehensive and white supremacist attacks on immigrants and immigration. Stand with DACA youth, with TPS recipients, with all those in detention right now. Stand with those whose families have already been torn apart and those who live each day with that fear. Trump’s “Wall” is a potent symbol and instrument of terror that concentrates the shattering of old norms and cementing Trump’s new order of: America First…Make America Great White Again.”

This all-around assault on immigrants is a horror.  It is also the linchpin and battering ram of the whole fascist program being hammered into place by the Trump/Pence Regime. Fascism is a qualitative change in how society is governed.  Fascism foments and relies on xenophobic nationalism, racism, misogyny, and the aggressive re-institution of oppressive “traditional values.”  Once in power, fascism essentially eliminates traditional democratic rights.

This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!



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