Livestream Launch April 11: New Call to Action from Refuse Fascism

april-11 April 11, is announcing something big – and  you’ll want to tune in live online to see it.

On Wednesday at 6:45pm ET, is officially releasing a new Call to Action.


At a time, when Trump is ratcheting up the danger of war with his appointments of Bolton, Haspel and Pompeo..

As he announces plans to send U.S. military troops to the borders and once again call Mexicans “rapists”…

When the future of people all over the world lies in the crosshairs…

Hear why waiting on Mueller is a dead end…

Find out why a Blue wave is NOT enough to curtail the Trump/Pence regime…

Most importantly, hear the ONLY viable plan for what CAN be done to to drive out this regime and why the PEOPLE have the power.

Don’t turn off the news, turn on the livestream!

You are not alone in your outrage. Join with people all around the country who will be tuning in,  facing and STOPPING the catastrophe that is the American Fascism of the Trump/Pence regime.

Don’t miss it and spread the word. You will want to be there when we introduce it to the world at 6:45 pm EDT Wednesday April 11 online or watch in person at a launch gathering near you.

New York City 6:30 pm LGBT Center 208 West 13th Street, Manhattan Facebook Event
Chicago 6:30 pm About Face Theater 5252 North Broadway, Chicago
Los Angeles 6:30 pm Trinity Episcopal Church 650 North Barenda Facebook Event
Boston 6:30 pm First Church of Somerville, 89 College Avenue, Somerville, MA


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