Ripping Away Children from Their Parents Is a Crime Against Humanity


The Ripping Away of Children From Their Parents Is a Crime Against Humanity and Must Stop NOW!

June 15, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |

Right now, as you read this, your government is ripping terrified children from the arms of their parents on the border with Mexico. In some cases, they have actually torn babies from the breasts of their mothers. They are putting some of these children in cells so cold they are nicknamed “the icebox.” They are putting others in massive camps. Imagine the terror of the child. Imagine the anguish and pain of the parent. Imagine the trauma.

And of course, the Trump/Pence regime justifies this with references to the Bible. There you have it: A regime that commits CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY slamming into place a Christian-Fascist Theocracy.  NO!  This must STOP.  The line must be drawn here.

The outrage against this crime must continue. That outrage must be transformed into actions against this that grow in mass and force until this does STOP. And these actions must be built into a movement to drive this fascist—yes, fascist, face it for what it really is—regime from power.

But the attack on babies is nothing new for America. The wealth of America was founded on the kidnaping of millions of people from Africa, many of them children and infants, and the enslavement of these children. As America grew richer, the selling of enslaved Black children away from their parents became a major feature, a typical scene, of the “American way of life.” Imagine the horror and the heartbreak of such scenes, decade after decade, stamped on the psyches of human beings for generations.

And after America stole nearly every last piece of land from the Native people and had slaughtered or killed through disease the vast majority of those who lived here before the Europeans came, they sent many of the children of those who survived to “boarding schools.”  These “boarding schools” were prisons that stripped the children of their names, their language, and their very sense of self. Again, imagine the terror. Imagine the trauma. Imagine your child kidnapped in such a way, and returned home to you as a stranger.

Imagine today the terror and trauma of the tens of thousands of children that this system has put in prisons, some locked up with adults. Children like Kalief Browder, who spent three years in a New York jail, most of it in solitary confinement (which international law considers to be torture), for refusing to confess to a petty theft that he did not commit. So damaged was he by this that when he finally got out and returned home he committed suicide.

Nor is this attack something the U.S. only does at home. There was a reason that U.S. troops who came home from the Vietnam War were called baby killers—because they were baby killers. These soldiers we are now told we must revere? In war after war—from Korea to Iraq—they have been part of a machine that killed the children of those they attacked, whether as “collateral damage” or with sick intention.

Today—imagine the children in Yemen, at least several thousand of whom have been murdered by U.S. planes and bombs, flown by its Saudi Arabian allies (but refueled in the air by the U.S. Air Force). Nearly eight million people in Yemen, the vast majority of whom are children, are now at risk of starvation due to this U.S.-supported war, and this very weekend the Saudis and their allies are undertaking an offensive that will put many at even greater risk—an offensive which the U.S. refuses to condemn. Or imagine the children of Bangladesh or Pakistan or Cambodia or anywhere else American products are “outsourced” grinding their lives away in dangerous factories to produce the clothes we wear on our backs. Or the millions—yes, millions—who die of preventable disease every single year because it is not profitable for this capitalist-imperialist system to put resources into stopping that. There is absolutely no need for any of this, it could all be stopped very quickly, except for the fact that this system stands as a barrier to stopping it.

A poet once compared America to the biblical god Moloch, who demanded the sacrifice of children. But this system is no mythical god from a lost age—it is the all-too-real system of capitalism-imperialism, and it consumes children all over this planet, every single day.

This system cannot be reformed. IT MUST BE OVERTHROWN. To do that we need a revolution. As we have said before, revolution does not mean some minor changes within this system. Revolution means the actual overthrow—yes, overthrow—of this system, through actually defeating its armed forces of oppression and repression, when the necessary conditions (a revolutionary situation and a revolutionary people in the millions) have been brought into being. This revolution will dismantle the institutions of this capitalist-imperialist system and build a whole new society on a radically different economic and political basis, as embodied in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. There is a strategy for this revolution in “HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution.” There is the leadership to do this in Bob Avakian—who has brought forward a NEW COMMUNISM, a way to understand and transform the whole world—and in the party he leads, the Revolutionary Communist Party. There is a way to fight the power today as you learn more about and get ready for this revolution, in the Revolution Club.

Join—enlist in—this revolution. Be part of putting an end to the horror that the system means for hundreds of millions of children worldwide. Be part of bringing in a future where these horrors really are no more.



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