“A speech on revolution that has never been given before… until now.” See a Special Preview Screening this Saturday in Cleveland!


Take This Film and Change Everything…

Announcing the Film of Bob Avakian’s Speech:


If you have agonized about the horrors of this society, but did not know why we face all this and thought there was no way out… this filmed speech will reveal why those outrages go on and how they can be changed.

If you have thought that even if people could get together on it, revolution was not really possible up against the powerful repressive machinery we face… this filmed speech will challenge you.

If you have hungered for fundamental change, but did not know where to begin… this filmed speech will give you the map you need and the way to connect.

There has never been a speech like this on this topic before. This summer in several cities Bob Avakian gave a two-part speech on which we can build a movement to change everything. In the first part, “Only an Actual Revolution Can Bring About the Fundamental Change That Is Needed,” Bob Avakian (BA) concisely and powerfully laid out WHY we need a revolution, going deeply into why this system cannot be reformed but must be overthrown. He did this with penetrating science and with real heart, concretely walking through the most excruciating outrages and abuses we face, laying bare their roots in capitalism-imperialism, and showing why reform would not and, more than that, could not work.

In Cleveland: Saturday September 22, 2018
Special Preview Screening
Cleveland Main Public Library
525 Superior Ave
Louis Stokes Wing, 2nd floor
2 – 6 pm
Film starts at 2 pm sharp
Doors open @ 1:35 pm
There will be an intermission. A half hour program will follow the screening.
….. …….. …..
Bob Avakian is the leader of the revolution who has developed a new synthesis of communism aimed at the emancipation of humanity.
Hosted by
Topical Discussion Group

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